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Last updated: Sep 21, 2023

What is Autoglyphs NFT?

Autoglyphs is an extraordinary collection of 512 NFTs, hosted on the Ethereum blockchain and meticulously crafted by Larva Labs. Unlike most digital art, each piece in this collection is produced through a unique algorithm that's wrapped in an ERC-721 standard smart contract. In essence, this is not just a digital representation of art; it's a digital entity where the art resides inside the blockchain, offering collectors a wholly unique form of digital ownership.

When Did Autoglyphs Launch?

Initiated in 2019, the Autoglyphs project was a pioneer in generative art on the blockchain. Each Autoglyphs NFT had a mint price of 0.2 ETH, equivalent to about $35 back then. Intriguingly, the proceeds from the minting process were donated to, a charitable organization focused on climate change. The underpinning idea of algorithmically generating art can be traced back to Solomon LeWitt's "Wall Drawings," an artwork from 1968 that sets the stage for this avant-garde creation.

How Many Autoglyphs Are There?

The Autoglyphs collection caps at an exclusive 512 NFTs. Significantly, there is no creator fee imposed on transactions, adding to its exclusivity. The generative algorithm responsible for creating these NFTs was shut down post-minting, ensuring no future additions to this limited collection.

Autoglyphs Rarity

The project harnesses the ERC-721 standard, often used for digital collectibles. However, Autoglyphs goes a step further by embedding the artwork directly within the smart contract. The collection encompasses ten distinct Autoglyphs traits, signified by a variety of glyph symbol sets. Since the collections is literally digitally generated there is no Autoglyphs artist.

Autoglyphs Team & Community

Larva Labs, the creative force behind Autoglyphs, was founded by John Watkinson and Matt Hall. Known for pioneering projects like CryptoPunks and Meebits, they are significant players in the NFT and blockchain arena.

While specific metrics on community size or activity aren't disclosed, the reputation of Larva Labs suggests a likely vibrant, engaged community of collectors and enthusiasts.

Apart from the initial charitable collaboration with, no other partnerships have been announced.

Autoglyphs Benefits

Owning an Autoglyph is like holding a digital masterstroke that's both art and a blockchain entity. Beyond digital rendering, these art pieces can be physically manifested using CNC plotter machines. Larva Labs provides SVG files to facilitate this transition from digital to physical. 

Additionally, the Autoglyphs NFTs can bring value to their holder as they can be turned into generative music, creating a multi-sensory experience for the owner. The creators of the project note that often this process provides better results when multiple Autoglyphs are combined to make one melody.

Autoglyphs Roadmap

At present, Larva Labs has not released a future roadmap for Autoglyphs, implying that the collection remains as is, with no further developments planned.

Where to Buy Autoglyphs NFT?

Prospective buyers can scout marketplaces like OpenSea and LooksRare. The Autoglyphs floor price is currently set at 199 ETH (meaning the cheapest Autoglyphs NFT for sale is worth around $320,000), however there aren’t much trades going on, in the last 1 month at the time of this writing, there have been only 4, with the last of them happening 26 days ago. At the same time the most expensive Autoglyphs NFT sold in the last 90 days was worth 199 ETH. 

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