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Last updated: Aug 31, 2023

What is Atrix?

Atrix is an automated market maker built on Solana and using Serum order books. The platform allows users for permissionless liquidity pool and farm creation. 

Atrix was launched on mainnet in September 2021. The following month, at the Solana hackathon, the project was called the best in the DeFi category.  

How does Atrix work?

On the Atrix platform, users can create customized liquidity pools and trade assets without anyone on the other side of the trade.

Atrix implements an AMM x*y=k curve for order pools such as Serum. The protocol places a series of buy and sell orders in positions along the curve. As orders are executed and the token ratio changes, Atrix updates the orders in the book to reflect the new ratio. The dApp directs all of its liquidity to orders placed on Serum.

How to use Atrix?

In order to use the Atrix app, users need to connect to the platform with Sollet, Solflare wallet, or Ledger. Once the wallet is connected, users access the exchange page. Through the menu at the top, one can get to the Pools section, where all the pools are presented and TVL is displayed. Also, through the main menu the Farms page can be accessed. On that page, LP tokens can be deposited into farms.

Users can create liquidity pools for any pair of tokens they want, similar to Uniswap. Through the interface, users will also be able to create farms for their pools.

For example, a user creates a token called TKN. If the user wants other people to be able to buy and sell that token on Serum, they create a TKN-USDC pool on Atrix. Now, others can buy and sell TKN, but there is little liquidity. So, the user must create a farm on Atrix, specifying that 1,000,000 TKN will be given away per day for staking TKN-USDC Atrix LP token in that farm. Since the liquidity pool is now incentivized, people are contributing more liquidity and the user's project is growing.

Using the Atrix interface, EVM-based projects can easily set up pools and farms on Solana without coding in Rust. And, with cross-chain bridges like Wormhole, they can also use their project's tokens as incentives to distribute to their farms.

Atrix has no deposit or withdrawal fees. The protocol generates fees like markets makers do on order books. The orders are placed with a 0.20% increase in price, effectively creating a 0.20% fee. All fees are kept by Atrix LPs.

The Atrix token

Atrix does not currently have a native token.

Is Atrix safe?

The Atrix team is anonymous, but they claim they work closely with Serum. 

Atrix has not yet been audited.


The Atrix team works closely with Serum, the main DEX on the Solana network.

What's next?

The team does not provide any information on the roadmap. 



Frank Stewskid

Frank Stewskid

Last updated: Aug 31, 2023

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