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Cets on Creck (CETS)

Cets on Creck (CETS)


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Basic info

  • Token CRECK
  • Audited no
  • DAO yes
  • Yield farming no
  • Team private
  • Hacks no

Last updated: Sep 21, 2023

What is Cets on Creck NFT?

Cets on Creck, or just CETS following the recent renaming of the project, is a NFT project that exists on the Solana blockchain. Consisting of 6,969 unique, cat-themed digital artworks, this collection isn't just about eye-catching images; it's a manifestation of community, culture, and the freedom to express oneself. Named to evoke a sense of uninhibited self-expression, "Creck" is the project's term that encapsulates "anything that gives you a kick to be unapologetically yourself."

When did Cets on Creck Launch?

The Cets on Creck NFT project was inaugurated on March 10, 2022. The minting process was a swift affair, where all 6,969 tokens were minted within roughly 24 hours at a mint price of 2 SOL (approximately $165 at that time).

At the time, the team behind the project had short-term and long-term goals. The short-term goals included introducing “Melk” – a drink that allows Cets to earn 1.25 times more CRECK tokens (the project’s economy token), start holding auctions and raffles for its community members to earn more CRECK tokens, and a Discord DAO to manage the token’s utility. At the same time, the long-term goals announced included making the project a lifestyle brand through collaborations with real-life fashion brands and Web3 marketing channels and launching a 3D metaverse.

How Many Cets on Creck Are There?

The Cets on Creck collection comprises 6,969 unique tokens, 7 out of which are legendary. The project boasts a diverse ownership pool, with 3,145 unique owners holding these tokens. It's worth noting that a creator fee is applicable to transactions.

Cets on Creck Rarity

Cets on Creck operates under the Solana-based token standard. Each token exhibits a blend of nine different attributes—background, clothing, eyes, hands, headgear, mouth, name, skin, and upgrade—totaling 190 Cets on Creck traits that contribute to the NFT's uniqueness. Once all the NFTs were sold, the developers continued to engage with the community, providing utility in the form of "Melk" and "Glaba," substances that contribute to rarity upgrades.

Cets on Creck Team & Community

The Cets on Creck core team is pseudonymous and consists of Peblo – CEO, Gustevo – “Jack of all operations”, Budbug “head of tech”, Thee Sped – the Cets on Creck artist, Dashion 1703 – fashion designer, Efnefknf – community manager, Al-cepone – developer, and Dev-illegit RUST developer. Despite being anonymous, the team is actively engaged in steering the project toward their stated short-term and long-term goals.

With a bustling community that counts over 36,000 members on Discord alone, Cets on Creck enjoys a highly engaged and enthusiastic audience. In addition to the Discord community, the project has a substantial following on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

The project has established partnerships with platforms like AssetDash and the NFT project Degen, extending both its reach and utility.

Cets on Creck Benefits

Ownership of a Cets on Creck NFT is not merely symbolic. Token holders can stake their NFTs to earn CRECK, the project’s native token. Beyond these financial incentives, perhaps the most significant value Cets on Creck bring to their holders is the vibrant community engagement, extending from online interactions to real-life events.

Cets on Creck Roadmap

CETS DAO is working on transitioning the project form founder-led project to a DAO-led one “for the benefit of the ecosystem at-large”. The DAO members provide weekly updates on the progress of the transition through a medium page. There is a strict roadmap for the Cets on Creck 2023 transition to a DAO. Some of the key steps left on it are – the development of a governance framework, establishing a DAO entity named CetsDAO LLC., Seek executive candidates, elections of DAO executives, finally reduce the team’s involvement and conduct a Post-mortem.

The CRECK Token

CRECK, the native token of the Cets on Creck NFT collection, serves multiple purposes within the ecosystem. It is the currency for the "Bleck Market" and plays a crucial role in upgrading NFTs. However, the project is yet to publish a detailed tokenomics document.

The token can be earned through staking NFTs from the collection on a dedicated platform build for it, or by participating in various activities organized in the CETS discord server.

Where to Buy Cets on Creck NFT?

For those interested in joining this burgeoning community, Cets on Creck NFTs can be purchased on marketplaces like OpenSea and Magic Eden. The floor price currently stands at around 5 SOL on Magic Eden, which offers the cheapest entry point at the moment.

Feel free to scrutinize the variety of Cets available, as the most expensive CETS on the market are listed for as high as 2,000 SOL. Irrespective of the price point, becoming a Cets on Creck owner provides you with access to a unique blend of art, community, and ongoing engagement.




Frank Stewskid

Frank Stewskid

Last updated: Sep 21, 2023

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