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Last updated: Sep 21, 2023

What is CrypToadz NFT?

CrypToadz is a captivating NFT collection featuring 6,969 unique, digital art images of warty, amphibious creatures that dwell in the Metaverse. Created by the pseudonymous artist Gremplin, the project integrates a variety of ten CrypToadz traits such as clothes, body, eyes, and head. The CrypToadz are licensed under Public Domain, CC0, granting token holders extensive ownership rights under the law.

When did CrypToadz launch?

The CrypToadz NFT collection was unveiled on September 8, 2021. Within 20 minutes of its launch, the entire collection was sold out, according to on-chain data. The mint price for each CrypToadz NFT was set at 0.069 ETH.

How many CrypToadz are there?

The CrypToadz collection consists of 6,969 unique NFT tokens. It boasts a diversified ownership with more than 50% of these tokens owned by unique holders. Additionally, the creator fee is set at 2.5% on each trade in some marketplaces.

CrypToadz Rarity

Built upon the ERC-721 token standard, CrypToadz NFTs have various rarity tiers influenced by traits such as clothes, body, eyes, and head. The artwork behind each NFT is a collaborative effort led by the artist Gremplin, supported by eight anonymous contributors. 

CrypToadz Team & Community

The team behind CrypToadz is led by Gremplin, a pseudonymous artist. He is aided by eight other anonymous members known only by their pseudonyms. The CrypToadz community is vibrant and actively participates in Discord discussions.

While there are no official partnerships, the project’s grants program has funded initiatives like Toadzgotchi, GhostDAO’s GhostNFT, and several others.

CrypToadz Benefits

Ownership of a CrypToadz NFT is not merely an acquisition of digital art but provides a slew of value. Due to the Public Domain, CC0 license, owners have extensive rights and can utilize their CrypToadz for metaverse projects or even physical merchandise. 

The CrypToadz team has created a treasury managed by a multisig for funding projects focused on developing the CrypToadz ecosystem. Anyone is able to submit a proposal for funding on the official forum of CrypToadz, after discussing it in the community grants channel on the CrypToadz Discord server. Through the community grants program, various projects like Toadzgotchi and CrypToadz Book of Lore have been funded.

Where to Buy CrypToadz NFT?

CrypToadz NFTs can be purchased on prominent marketplaces like OpenSea and Rarible. The current floor price is around 0.65 ETH, making the cheapest CrypToadz NFT be worth around $1000. The most expensive CrypToadz ever sold was #1519, which fetched a staggering 420 WETH.


Frank Stewskid

Frank Stewskid

Last updated: Sep 21, 2023

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