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Last updated: Sep 21, 2023

What is Doge Club NFT?

Doge Club (DOGC) is an NFT collection that melds the cultural prominence of the Doge meme, the market steadiness of the Bored Ape Yacht Club, and the whimsical Shiba Inu representations in the Bored Ape Kennel Club. The project imagines Doges as interplanetary explorers, marooned in a distant galaxy and yearning for their past life with apes, even as they pioneer a new civilization.

When did Doge Club launch?

Doge Club made its debut on September 10, 2022, selling out its entire collection in 24 hours. Initially, 81 whitelisted wallet addresses could mint up to 10 NFTs for free. This privilege was contingent on their prior involvement with the Rare Apepe YC (RAYC) project or social media activity. However, a community decision led to the cessation of the minting process, followed by airdrops and eventually, free minting for all.

How many Doge Club are there?

The Doge Club collection consists of 10,000 unique NFTs. Every resale comes with a 5% creator fee. 

Doge Club Rarity

Doge Club uses the ERC-721 token standard. The artwork boasts 168 traits divided into categories like backgrounds, clothes, earrings, and more. While the creators remain anonymous, the Doge Club traits mirror the traits of Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs. The collection includes 8 Backgrounds, 43 Clothes, 6 Earrings, 23 Eyes, 19 Furs, 36 Hats, and 33 Mouths.

Doge Club Team & Community

The team behind Doge Club remains anonymous, as well as the artist of the collection. The community is relatively small but growing, boasting 3,574 Discord members, 17,000 Twitter followers, and 137 Telegram subscribers.

No information on partnerships or funding rounds is available at this time.

Doge Club Benefits

Owning a Doge Club NFT opens doors to potential member-only benefits, which the team has yet to announce. Doge Club NFTs can also bring value to their holder as they can be traded, sold, and showcased across social media platforms.

Doge Club Roadmap

The DogeClub ecosystem aims to serve as a comprehensive digital platform with various interconnected elements. Starting with its core project, DOGC, the focus is on creating a multi-dimensional brand that offers inherent value to its token. This is further expanded with a series of derivative projects like Mutant Doge Club, which introduces new NFT assets and utilities, maintaining a synergistic relationship with the core project. MEME Party serves as a space for community interaction, offering a platform for meme competitions and art features. 

Another layer of exclusivity comes in the form of an initiative known as Mysterious Creature, where NFT holders get access to exclusive material and also share in different forms of revenue. This initiative aims to cement the idea that holding an NFT grants something akin to stock rights within the ecosystem. The ecosystem also seeks to broaden its reach by launching a social platform for Doge enthusiasts and is considering various future endeavors including merchandise, trading card games, and video game development. The native token, DOGC, serves as the backbone for these utilities and rewards. In essence, the DogeClub is not just an NFT or meme coin project; it's a developing ecosystem focused on community engagement, utility, and value creation.

Where to Buy Doge Club NFT?

Doge Club NFTs can be purchased on reputable platforms like OpenSea, Gem, and X2Y2. The Doge Club floor price currently fluctuates around 0.16 ETH, marking the fiat money value for the cheapest NFT from the collection at $260. The most expensive Doge Club NFTs sold so far are #8841 – 9.8 ETH, #6662 -  9.7 ETH, and #9143 – 5.3 ETH.

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Frank Stewskid

Frank Stewskid

Last updated: Sep 21, 2023

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