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Last updated: Sep 21, 2023

What is Solana Monkey Business NFT?

Solana Monkey Business (SMB) is a comprehensive NFT ecosystem that runs on the Solana blockchain. The project includes multiple collections: Gen1 Monkeys, Gen2 Monkeys, OG Monkey, Monking, and Jungle Jams, as well as the latest of the pack – Solana Monkey Business Gen3. In addition to these collections, SMB operates its own marketplace featuring over 100 NFTs and a trading volume exceeding 1 million SOL tokens. SMB's signature element is its algorithmically-generated, pixelated monkey images.

When did Solana Monkey Business launch?

The first Solana Monkey Business NFT collection to launch was the commemorative “OG Monkey” set consisting of 840 NFTs. It was airdropped to the first members of the Discord server of the project in May 2021. 

Later, in June 2021, the project launched Solana Monkey Business Gen1. Although it consists of 201 NFT tokens split into 4 different “space-themed” monkey images. Each of the four different types has its own limited supply. The Monkanician NFTs have a total supply of 116 tokens, and had a mint price of 2.5 USDC. The AstroMonkey NFTs’ total supply is 37 and their mint price was 25 USDC. The Monkos NFTs with a total supply of 27 were all created at a mint price of 100 USDC each. Finally, the rarest, Monkalien NFTs whose total supply is 25 were sold with a mint price of 250 USDC. Everyone holding at least one set of NFTs from each of the four types is entitled to royalties from every trade on a SMB Gen2 NFT. 

After the successful sale of the Gen1 NFT collection, the project released the Monking commemorative NFT collection to appreciate the support from the “very first holders of the whole Gen1 collection”. The total amount of NFTs in the Monking collection is 9.

Solana Monkey Business Gen2 was launched in August 2021, it consists of 5000 unique pixelated monkey images whose design is described as “accessibility-oriented” by the SMB team, and whose goal is “to invade the blockchain and spread their community”. The mint price of the collection was 2 SOL (worth 69 USDC at the time). 

Another NFT collection related to the project and called Jungle Jams, was airdropped to commemorate a collaboration between Audius and SMB. The collection recipients included Audius users who had connected their Phantom wallet to Audius before a certain time frame. 

The latest collection released by Solana Mokey Business - SMB Gen3 is a unique NFT collection of 15,000 pixel art “Monke” characters designed to allow individuals to express their web3 identity and be a part of the MonkeDAO community. The project aims to recognize and engage true builders in the web3 space. The release of SMB Gen3 was executed in several stages:

  1. A public raffle gave everyone an equal chance to own one of the 4,000 SMB Gen3 Monkes. The raffle saw significant engagement, with a total volume of $31M generated within a day. Winning tickets were rewarded, while non-winners were refunded.
  2. An exclusive minting opportunity was presented to SMB Gen2 holders, with 5,000 Barrels reserved for them, thus rewarding the community's loyal supporters.
  3. MonkeDAO members had special access to a presale of 1,000 Barrels.
  4. Future plans include auctioning off 5,000 SMB Gen3 Monkes gradually over a year.

Interested parties can acquire an SMB Barrel or SMB Gen3 through the project's marketplace.

How many Solana Monkey Business NFTs are there?

There are 5,000 NFTs in the main Gen2 collection, along with 201 in the Gen1 collection. The creator royalty fee is 6%, which is split among the project's community wallet, NFT creators, and full-set Gen1 owners. 

Solana Monkey Business Rarity

Solana Monkey Business utilizes a diverse array of SMB 98 traits across six attributes—clothes, ears, eyes, hat, mouth, and type. The distribution of these traits varies, with some attributes being exceedingly rare. There is also a clear plan for utility beyond mere ownership. The developers have actively engaged the community rather than merely waiting to earn fees.

Solana Monkey Business Team & Community

While the Solana Monkey Business team remains anonymous, they are active in their Discord community. With four co-founders at the helm, two are also active on Twitter. There haven't been any controversies surrounding the team members.

The community is robust, with active participation in Discord and Telegram channels. The MonkeDAO, entirely run by SMB holders, further enriches the ecosystem.

Solana Monkey Business has collaborated with Audius, showcased through the Jungle Jams collection. Other potential partners can apply through a form available on the project’s Discord server. There is no information available on who is the original artist of the Solana Monkey Business NFT collection.

Solana Monkey Business Benefits

Collectors can derive benefits from the project by acquiring at least one of each of the four types of NFTs in the Solana Monkey Business Gen1 collection. As such, they are entitled to a total of 2% of each trade with Gen2 NFTs. Since there can only be 25 different such collectors, due to the limitation in numbers of tokens in the collection, that means each of them can get 0.005% of each trade. 

Furthermore, according to the “Terms & Conditions” published on the project’s website, each holder of a Solana Monkey Business NFT owns the underlying Art and can use it both for personal and commercial use subject to the terms published on the website, thus deriving value from Solana Monkey Business. Besides a world-wide, royalty-free license to use the NFTs, owners can also copy and display their purchased Art. Nevertheless, the Solana Monkey Business logo remains a protected trademark belonging to the team.

The commercial use rights coming with owning a Solana Monkey Business NFT include examples such as producing clothes and jewelry using the art of the NFT as a visual basis for the products.

Each holder of a Solana Monkey Business NFT from the Gen2 collection, is also granted access to the MonkeDAO, which is a separate entity from the project with various different benefits, available exclusively to its members. Recently, the DAO announced plans to acquire the whole Solana Monkey Business project.

Solana Monkey Business Roadmap

Two months following the sale of the IP of the project from its original creators to Hadeswap, in April 2023, MonkeDAO acquired the Solana Monkey Business project from the marketplace for $2million. Since then, there has been no official Solana Monkey Business Roadmap, however the DAO members are constantly at work and provide its members with a weekly newsletter.

Where to Buy Solana Monkey Business NFT?

The floor price for Solana Monkey Business NFTs has lately been ranging between 79 and 84 SOL. You can acquire these NFTs through SMB’s marketplace or other platforms like Magic Eden and OpenSea. The cheapest SMB is currently listed for 79.84 SOL, while the most expensive ones exceed 10,000 SOL. 


Frank Stewskid

Frank Stewskid

Last updated: Sep 21, 2023

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